Turkey: accelerating the diversification of gas supply sources


A rapid change in the structure of gas imports by Turkey has been visible since the beginning of 2019

Turkey is importing increasing amounts of liquefied natural gas, capitalising on its higher import capacity (it has an annual regasification capacity of around 43 bcm) and attractive conditions on worldwide gas markets.

The recent cuts in Turkey’s gas imports from Russia are above all a result of the implementation of the policy of diversifying supply sources, falling domestic demand for gas

For almost two decades Turkey has had the ambition of becoming a gas hub and playing an active role in the trade and re-export of gas to Europe.

While pursuing this goal, it wants to capitalise on the fact that its neighbours include several gas producers, both traditional and new – in addition to Russia, there are also Iran, Iraq, the Caspian countries, Egypt and Cyprus. …

An excerpt from OSW