ACCEB Daily Briefing – Mar 22nd


The Navajo coal plant, one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gas in the country, will face dismantling soon following a failure to find a new owner.

A ruling by US judge Rudolph Contreras has suspended 282 out 473 of drilling projects temporarily on public land of Wyoming, on grounds that the Bureau of Land Management failed to consider greenhouse gas emissions of the projects.

GoodFuels and its partner its REINPLUS FIWADO has demonstrated feasibility of running an inland vessel 100% on biofuel at the Port of Rotterdam.

The world’s largest natural gas company Gazprom in Russia has reported 20% greenhouse gas decrease in the past five years.

The foreign ministry of Finland, holding the chairmanship of the Arctic Council, revealed that joint efforts to curb black carbon in the Arctic is being hampered by US and Russia.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Carbon Coalition (EVCCC) in the US has received an award for supporting EV charging infrastructure by tapping into the use of voluntary carbon credit.