New EU CO2 limits on cars risk triggering an invasion of fake ‘electric’ vehicles – report


Currently plug-in hybrids are often big SUVs which are rarely charged because of their very limited electric range, and they emit as much or more CO2 as diesel or petrol cars do on the road [1]. By allowing fake ‘electric’ cars to count towards the EV targets, it has become much easier for carmakers to earn the generous CO2 bonuses [2] that result from over-shooting these targets

carmakers can register electric cars in 14 European markets to benefit from double-counting credits, only to resell the same cars in more mature markets for EVs shortly afterwards. For instance, a carmaker can register 100,000 new EVs in Warsaw, claim the inflated CO2 credits so it can keep selling fossil-powered SUVs, and then resell the EVs as new to customers in Berlin the following month. This loophole would result in CO2 reductions in carmakers’ fleets being recorded but fewer EVs and more CO2 emissions on the road….

An excerpt from Transport & environment