Johnson sets out his climate crisis vision as Cameron turns down talks role (20.02.03 ~ 20.02.09)


Johnson has brought forward the UK’s phaseout of diesel and petrol vehicles by five years to 2035, and hastened the phaseout of coal-fired power by a year to 2024. He reaffirmed the UK’s pledge to switch to a net-zero emissions economy by 2050, and urged other nations – without naming any – to do the same.

Some observers see a potential conflict of interest, as British diplomats seek at once to gain support for a COP 26 resolution that will require other countries to set out stretching goals on cutting emissions, while also negotiating post-Brexit trade deals. “I am very concerned about how they can play this,” said the head of one international civil society group. “This is a very delicate dance.”

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20.02.03 (Mon.)

1. Johnson urged to name ‘big hitter’ to head COP26 climate summit

2. 日銀「黒田総裁」が飛びついた「気候変動」という奇策

20.02.04 (Tue.)


2. フランスの大手企業がカーボン・ニュートラルの取り組みを強化

20.02.05 (Wen.)

1. Johnson sets out his climate crisis vision as Cameron turns down talks role

2. 「太平洋・島サミット」伊勢志摩で開催決定 19の国と地域と気候変動などを話し合う

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20.02.06 (Thu.)

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20.02.07 (Fri.)

1. The future for environmental standards in the UK

2. 気候変動で米共和党が大転換、「ごった煮」政策の中身

20.02.08 (Sat.)

1. Brazil environment agents surprised by deforestation through rainy season

2. [FT]米天然ガス会社、気候変動問題で劣勢に

20.02.09 (Sun.)

1. Democratic debate: Candidates want to use trade to force action on climate change – Vox

2. 安倍首相が連呼「ビヨンド・ゼロ」って何? 温暖化の元凶CO2が消える“夢技術”の今と課題