Climate and the $2 Trillion Stimulus Package (20.03.23 ~ 20.03.29)


The measure does not include $3 billion for the government to buy oil and fill the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a provision sought by Republicans and President Trump. But it also does not have an extension of federal tax credits for wind and solar energy that Democrats had tried to attach.

The package also has been stripped of language that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tried to include to require airlines receiving more than $50 billion in aid to cut greenhouse gas emissions, multiple lawmakers confirmed


Democrats had sought to extend wind and solar power tax credits, which are set to expire in 2024, through 2027. The clean energy sector, which employs more than 600,000 people, has been hard-hit by the slowdown from the coronavirus crisis, as have other parts of the energy sector.

On airline emissions, a proposal that would have required airlines receiving federal aid to cut their emissions in half over the next 30 years, and also begin offsetting emissions by 2025, was ultimately thrown out.

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