21.03.29~20.04.04 Bill Gates – Backed Plot to Manipulate Weather/Climate Scrubbed


Headlines were made last month when plans  to manipulate the weather/climate in an ambitious experiment went public; however, it appears the Bill Gates – backed plot to do so has been scrubbed for now. After getting push-back from people around the world and in Sweden, where the initial experiment was to unfold, a decision was made not to pursue the test at this time.

An advisory committee tied to the project made a recommendation and statement on Wednesday. Known as  SCoPEx , short for Stratospheric COntrolled Perturbation Experiment, the project was to spray chalk high in the atmosphere in an attempt to block sunlight and heat from the Sun from reaching the Earth’s surface. If an initial test was successful, they could roll the project out to a march larger area, spraying thousands of pounds of chalk into the high atmosphere with the hope of manipulating local and regional  weather and climate.

Bill Gates, along with other  private donors, were  planning to spend millions of dollars to spray the stratosphere with chalk to combat what they perceive to be climate change. The chalk would be calcium carbonate,  the same material that is the primary component of egg shells, snail shells, seashells, and pearls.  Gates and other project backers hope this plan will deflect some of the sun’s radiation from reaching the Earth’s surface, resulting in less-warm conditions here.

To test out the concept, a large test balloon was going to launch in June over the Swedish town of Kiruna. That balloon would bring  2 kg of chalk and 600 kg of scientific equipment 12 miles up above the Earth’s surface. Once it reached its target altitude in the stratosphere, it would release the chalk in a plume that would end up being a mile or two long. During this test, scientists at Harvard University planned to measure  what impact, if any, the plume has on solar radiation attempting to reach the surface; they’ll also study how the chalk dust particles react with the air at such a high altitude. This data would be used for computer-modeled simulations of much grander planned dispersions.

An excerpt from https://weatherboy.com/bill-gates-backed-plot-to-manipulate-weather-climate-scrubbed/

○ 21.03.29 (Mon.)

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○ 21.03.30 (Tue.)
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○ 21.03.31 (Wen.)

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○ 21.04.01 (Thu.)
- gov.ie - Minister Catherine Martin launches Creative Climate Action: a €2 million fund for creative projects that will change our behaviour in relation to climate change.
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○ 21.04.02 (Fri.)

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○ 21.04.03 (Sat.)
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○ 21.04.04 (Sun)

  • Bill Gates – Backed Plot to Manipulate Weather/Climate Scrubbed
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