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Blockchain in Transport Alliance welcomes Hong Kong-based Tigers

Tigers, a Hong Kong-based global logistics and transportation company that specializes in technology-enabled supply chain solutions, e-fulfilment and transportation by air, sea, rail and road, has joined the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). Founded in August 2017, BiTA has quickly grown into the largest commercial blockchain alliance in the world, with nearly 500 members that collectively generate over $1...

BiTA Standards Council ratifies and publishes first data standard

The Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA) Standards Council Board approved its first official standard and its first official framework as part of the organization’s mission to provide a single answer to the question, “Where is my shipment?”... An excerpt from BiTA

U.S. National Pork Board has partnered with Blockchain startup to test out a Blockchain platform for pork supply chains

The United States National Pork Board has partnered with blockchain startup to test out a blockchain platform for pork supply chains, according to a press release published on March 18.... An excerpt from Moon Catcher

Samsung SDS Introduces New Blockchain Platform

Samsung SDS, the Internet technology solutions unit of Samsung Group, has introduced a new platform that connects Ethereum blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric. Deliver, jointly developed with the Port of Rotterdam Authority and ABN AMRO Bank, connects blockchain platforms of different kinds, such as Ethereum and Hyperledger, and supports document notarization, double payment prevention, and asset transfer functions by connecting different...

Blockchain Platform Leverages RFID Solution for Inventory Management

Blockchain and radio frequency identification technologies are converging with a new supply chain-as-a-service platform being piloted by companies in the livestock market, which was provided by Citizens Reserve. With RFID and blockchain technologies, users can capture and share data about the conditions of animals and meat, as well as other information that matters to retailers and consumers, such...

Colorado considers blockchain for agricultural supply chain

The bipartisan House Bill 1247, filed last Friday, calls for the Colorado Department of Agriculture to form an advisory group studying how a blockchain could be used to monitor farm conditions, planting cycles, crop estimates and transportation of livestock, corn, wheat and the state’s other products. The bill’s text suggests that a distributed ledger could be used for several...

From Farm to plate — Blockchain technology in Agriculture supply chain

The technology offers ‘trust’ which has been missing in the Agriculture supply chain since its very inception. 1. Increased Traceability in Agriculture supply chain  2. Ensuring Food safety and security with Blockchain technology in the Agriculture supply chain  3. Supporting Small-scale farmers and cooperatives  4. Transforming transactions in Agriculture supply chain... An excerpt fromTokenAsia

Entrex launches Blockchain enabled Carbon Credit Market for private Biodiesel Producers

"The Entrex Capital Market, a Joint Venture between Long Blockchain Corporation (OTC: LBCC) and Entrex,.. launched a Blockchain enabled Carbon Credit Trading Market with approximately 2.5 million tokens; each representing one-ton Carbon Credits. “Private biodiesel producers have found that their production produces Carbon Credits in addition to the actual biodiesel and RINs or EPA Renewable Identification Numbers. “With appropriate Certification,...

Blockchain In Fashion – A Necessary Step Towards Transparency And Sustainability

"With Bext360, the entry point is at the level of farming, by testing the cotton’s authenticity and the farm practices. Then, it is marking the cotton bags with critical information such as where it was harvested, when, and by whom. This initiative has been named ‘Organic Cotton Traceability’, and Bext360 is backed by C&A Foundations and Fashion for Good to...

$150k awarded to Yale team to battle climate change through blockchain

"This grant specifically will go into two of the main focus projects that Yale openlab currently has. The first is consolidating its skill based blockchain ecosystem, and the second being launching an initiative called the Open Earth Challenge, which is aiming to build an open source blockchain framework for a decentralized consensus on earth's carbon budget." An excerpt from Bitcoin...

[Report] Overview of blockchain uses by major energy companies: towards the democratization of a technology fit to the energy sector

"In 2018, one third of the top 250 energy companies in the Platts ranking publicly reported their involvement in at least one blockchain project. since its creation in 2017, the Energy Web Foundation has quickly established itself as the leading consortium for the energy sector. Today, more than 50 members - about 60% utilities and 40% technology companies - are...

Crypto Miners Explore Power Recycling and Renewable Energy

"Ultimately, crypto price drops during the bear market have led to large scale miners addressing their energy consumption. It has prompted many to explore clean energy resources instead of depending on electricity generated by fossil fuels. " An excerpt from Coinwires

Carbon market for ag set to debut in 2022

"The idea is to create opportunities for growers to participate in a voluntary carbon market where they would be rewarded for adopting conservation practices such as no-till farming and planting cover crops. Companies involved in the ESMC include ADM, Bunge, Cargill, General Mills, Indigo Agriculture, Mars and McDonald’s USA. Noble, the Soil Health Institute and The Nature Conservancy also are...

Energy Web Foundation Surpasses 100 Affiliates En Route to Becoming Largest Energy Blockchain Ecosystem

"Several major players have joined the Energy Web ecosystem as EWF Affiliates to reach this milestone, including German utility EnBW, French multinational energy company Total, and State Grid EV Service Co., a subsidiary of the State Grid Corporation of China, the world’s largest utility." An excerpt from Energy Web Foundation

Energy blockchain pioneer Electron receives investment from OVO

"Kaluza, an OVO company, today announces a strategic investment in energy technology company Electron for a minority stake in the business." An excerpt from OVO

Why energy players should look to blockchain

".. energy players will be able to better prepare for any disruptive trends by harnessing the power of blockchain, experts at Booz Allen Hamilton said. By 2030, the GCC(Gulf Cooperation Council) aims to install 80GW of renewable energy capacity across the six member states, constituting more than 50 per cent of the region's existing conventional capacity. "

[Space 10] SolarVille: Democratising Access to Clean Energy

".. it’s a working prototype of a miniature neighbourhood completely powered by solar energy. Built to a 1:50 scale, some households generate their own renewable energy using solar panels, while others automatically purchase excess electricity directly from the producer using blockchain technology. "

Thailand Petroleum Co. Tests Commercial Microgrid with Blockchain for Mall and Fuel Station

"Bangchak Corporation Public Co. Limited (BCP), a petroleum refiner in Thailand, is testing and demonstrating a commercial microgrid and blockchain energy trading platform at a community shopping mall anchored by a BCP fuel station in Bangkok."

Blockchain Adoption in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

"A report by the World Health Organisation ( WHO) states that about 100,000 people lose their lives every year due to counterfeit medicine in Africa alone. The report also estimates that 10% of medicine worldwide is counterfeit and rises to 30% in emerging regions. The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) estimates the loss of €10.2B annually...

Malaysian State to Launch Blockchain Solution to Track Agricultural Products, Says Official

The Malaysian state of Penang is considering the use of blockchain technology in food and agricultural products supply chains, local English-language newspaper The Star reports on March 1.... An excerpt from Cointelegraph

Iran handmade carpet to get identity certificate in Blockchain platform

"Managing Director of National Center for Identification of Goods and Services (Iran Code) Seyyed Hossein Paryab announced the presentation of projects to revive the identity of Iran’s handmade carpet at the World Summit of GS1 and said soon this Iranian art-industry will get identity certificate to prevent the production and sale of counterfeit carpets in Blockchain platform." An excerpt from...

From cookstoves to carbon markets: how blockchain is supercharging sustainability

According to Alastair Marke, director general of the Blockchain Climate Institute. “It’s the Holy Grail for implementation of various climate change policies, including renewable energy deployment, carbon markets, international financial transfers and enforcement of climate regulations.” Supply chain transparency is one area where companies see great potential for blockchain. Blockchain also facilitates distributed energy generation by allowing consumers to buy and...

French President Calls on Europe to Use Blockchain to Innovate the Agriculture Industry

“Let’s do this in Europe, the avant-garde of agricultural technology, by developing tools that will track every product from raw material production to packaging and processing. The innovation is there and it must be used in the agricultural world, it must be fully used because it is at the service of shared excellence and it will serve the consumer.”... An...

KYOCERA and LO3 ENERGY to Demonstrate Blockchain-Managed Virtual Power Plant

Test VPP to combine companies’ peer-to-peer network technology and renewable energy products for improved energy distribution... An excerpt from KYOCERA

Iberdrola, Kutxabank Put FlexiDAO’s EWF-based Spring Renewable Energy Blockchain to the Test

Spain’s Iberdrola recently announced it had completed a blockchain project that guarantees that 100 percent of the electricity delivered to a consumer, Kutxabank, comes from renewable energy resources... An excerpt from Solar Magazine

China: New Guidance to Implement Blockchain in Agriculture Finance Sector

The Chinese government has issued the “Guiding Opinions on Rural Service Revitalization of Financial Services,” according to an official announcement on Feb. 11. The new framework is part of a plan to improve the efficiency of financial services for the country’s rural revitalization program.... An excerpt from Cointelegraph

Spain’s Iberdrola adopts blockchain to prove energy is renewable

Spanish public multinational electric utility major Iberdrola said on January 14 the company has completed a project that will contribute to accelerating the decarbonisation process by using blockchain technology to guarantee that the energy supplied to the consumer is 100% renewable.... An excerpt from New Europe

Chinese energy companies pilot blockchain-enabled LNG solution

The blockchain solution is the result of a new joint initiative between VeChain and two of China's leading energy and gas companies ENN Energy Holdings Ltd and Shanghai Gas Ltd.... An excerpt from Smart Energy

Huge market interest in BP, Shell blockchain energy trading project: Gunvor

Gunvor is one of the consortium partners in the project launched last November, which also includes fellow trading houses Koch Supply & Trading and Mercuria and banks ABN Amro, ING and Societe Generale. The oil-trading focused consortium said at the launch that it wanted eventually to open the platform to the whole commodities trading industry, pending approvals, as it would...

ING, SocGen to test LNG trading with blockchain in months

Banks ING (INGA.AS) and Societe Generale (SOGN.PA) are in talks with traders to test liquefied natural gas (LNG) trading based on blockchain, the technology starting to shake up the traditional energy industry. In February, ING and Societe Generale offered their blockchain platform to trading house Mercuria to sell an African oil cargo to China. But so far, energy exchanges see no...