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EUが水素社会へのシフトを宣言。2030年までに1000万トンの再生可能水素生産を目指す (20.08.10~20.08.16)

…2020年7月8日、EU(欧州連合)が『A Hydrogen Strategy for a climate neutral Europe 』という宣言を発表しました。意訳すると「欧州が気候変動に対応するための戦略として水素を重視する」といったところでしょうか。...まず2020~2024年までに6ギガワットの電力を使い100万トンのリニューアブル水素を生み出す計画としています。続いて、2025~2030年には40ギガワットで1000万トンの水素を生産することを目指します。そうして2030年以降は、主たるエネルギーを水素としてCO2フリーの社会を築くというのが目標です。… An excerpt from - 20.08.10 (Mon.). Arctic wildfires emit more CO2 in two months than whole of 2019 | Dhaka Tribune - 20.08.11 (Tue.). Australia sets out plans to store CO2 in oil and gas reservoirs - Energy Live News BASF calculates...

Mike Bloomberg says he has the best record on climate change. Does he? (20.02.24 ~ 20.03.01)

... Bloomberg, the eighth-richest person in America, per Forbes, has used his immense wealth for years to back a variety of causes and institutions, ranging from the Museum of Science in Boston to Johns Hopkins University, his alma mater. And climate change has been a major focus of his spending. In...

Trump Administration Moves to Limit Climate Reviews for Federal Projects (20.01.06 ~ 20.01.12)

... The anticipated rules won’t change what has been the common practice at most federal agencies since President Trump took office three years ago—which has been to check a box on climate change while ignoring a project’s true contribution to global warming when carrying out reviews mandated by the National Environmental Policy Act.