Thursday, October 28, 2021
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20.09.14~20.09.20 Facebook says it’s cracking down on climate change misinformation. Scientists say it’s not doing enough.

Facebook says it’s moving aggressively to counter climate-change misinformation with a Climate Science Information Center that launched Tuesday and aims to connect users with science-based facts....Facebook is launching a Climate Science Information CenterDistrust from the climate science community grew in September 2019 when the C02 Coalition, which claims that carbon dioxide from humans is beneficial for the planet, succeeded...

South Carolina forestland owners’ willingness to accept compensations for carbon sequestration

This study investigated South Carolina forestland owners’ willingness to generate and sell carbon credits to California’s cap-and-trade program. We used a sample of 784 private forestland owners’ responses to a contingent valuation survey in SC. As part of the main objectives of this study, our estimated average willingness to accept (WTA) in order to supply carbon credits to California’s...