Mike Bloomberg says he has the best record on climate change. Does he? (20.02.24 ~ 20.03.01)


Bloomberg, the eighth-richest person in America, per Forbes, has used his immense wealth for years to back a variety of causes and institutions, ranging from the Museum of Science in Boston to Johns Hopkins University, his alma mater. And climate change has been a major focus of his spending.

In giving the Sierra Club’s Beyond Coal campaign more than $100 million, Bloomberg has financed an international effort to take the dirtiest source of energy offline.

“Well, already we’ve closed 304 out of 530 [coal] power plants in the United States and we’ve closed 80 out of the 200 or 300 in Europe,” he said during the Nevada debate.

According to the New York Times, Bloomberg has given more than $278 million in charitable contributions to various climate change efforts. One such effort is the American Cities Climate Challenge, which provides provides technical support and guidance to 25 major US cities aiming to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Bloomberg’s climate agenda also calls for zeroing out emissions from new buildings by 2025 and quadrupling federal clean-energy research and development funding to $25 billion a year.

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