Bill Gates: How the coronavirus pandemic can help the world solve climate change (20.03.30 ~ 20.04.19)


Gates told Anderson he is “very much an optimist” when it comes to what scientists working together can do, including when it comes to the pandemic.

″[T]he amount of innovation, the way we can connect up and work together. Yes, I’m super positive about that,” Gates told Anderson. “I love my work because I see progress on all these diseases all the time. Now we have to turn an focus on this…. but you know the message for me — although it’s very sober when we’re dealing with this epidemic — you know I’m very positive that this should draw us together. We will get out of this and then we will get ready for the next epidemic.”8

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20.03.30 (Mon.)

. 「木のいち日」をミリ単位で測定すれば、樹木と気候変動の複雑な関係が見えてく

20.03.31 (Tue.)

. Bill Gates: How COVID-19 pandemic can help world solve climate change

20.04.01 (Wen.)

. Financial help for airlines ‘should come with strict climate conditions’ | Environment | The Guardian

. 科学の森:チバニアンで気候変動予測 「10万年周期」 現在と条件酷似 – 毎日新聞

20.04.02 (Thu.)

. John Furlow: Helping Developing Countries Adapt to Climate Change

. 「残された時間は10年間」──生きる伝説ジェーン・フォンダに聞く、気候変動とアメリカ

20.04.03 (Fri.)

. Covid-19: Biggest drop in CO2 emissions since WWII but little impact on climate change

. Trade transportation and the environment | VOX

20.04.04 (Sat.)

. Climate inequality driven by transport practices – BBC Science Focus MagazineClimate

. 米国で急増する太陽光発電施設、パネルが驚くほど安価に(ナショナル ジオグラフィック日本版)

20.04.06 (Mon.)

. 増える気候変動訴訟 ペルー農民が独電力を訴える 科学記者の目 編集委員 滝順一

20.04.07 (Tue.)

. Widespread concern in Florida over climate change – Daily PressWidespread

. みずほの石炭融資に複数投資家が反対、環境団体の株主提案を支持 – ロイターニュース

20.04.08 (Wen.)

. Climate change: UK forests ‘could do more harm than good’ – BBC NewsClimate

. 【政界徒然草】小泉氏、石炭火力に制限 持前の突破力も根回し不足も – 産経ニュース

20.04.09 (Thu.)

. Pope Francis: Coronavirus pandemic could be nature’s response to climate crisis – CNNPope

. 再生エネ拡大へ法整備を フランチェスコ・ラ・カメラ氏 国際再生可能エネルギー機関事務局長

20.04.10 (Fri.)

. Climate change activists test strict Singapore protest laws | News | Al JazeeraClimate

. 気候変動に植林で立ち向かう。オランダ発スタートアップ「Land life company」の挑戦

20.04.11 (Sat.)

. Climate Point: Nepal is melting, and Trump wants to mine the moonClimate

20.04.12 (Sun)

. Ancient methane gasses didn’t cause Arctic climate change — carbon emissions did

20.04.13 (Mon.)

. ESGマネーがひらく「コロナ後」資本主義(一目均衡) 編集委員 小平龍四郎

20.04.14 (Tue.)

. How COVID-19 could ruin weather forecasts and climate records

. 気候変動対策に逆風 米政権、コロナで相次ぎ規制緩和

20.04.15 (Wen.)

. Volcanic carbon dioxide emissions helped trigger Triassic climate change: Study offers sobering warning on the impact of rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere — ScienceDaily

. 石炭火力3メガが融資停止 「環境」投資家の圧力一段と

20.04.16 (Thu.)

. Climate change: Greenland’s ice sheet melts by record amount

. 2018年度の温室効果ガス排出量、過去29年で最少に 5年連続で減少 | ニュース | 環境ビジネスオンライン

20.04.17 (Fri.)

. ‘There’s No More Water’: Climate Change on a Drying Island – The New York Times

. シェル、石油業界で最も野心的な温暖化ガス削減目標を設定 – ロイタシェル

20.04.18 (Sat.)

. The Meat Business, a Big Contributor to Climate Change, Faces Major Tests – The New York TimesThe

. イノベーションを推進し、CO2を「ビヨンド・ゼロ」へ|スペシャルコンテンツ|資源エネルギー庁

20.04.19 (Sun)

. Climate-driven ‘megadrought’ is emerging in Western US, study says | Fox News

. 経済比べてわかる:地の利活用「脱石炭」 – 毎日新聞経済比べてわかる