20.09.14~20.09.20 Facebook says it’s cracking down on climate change misinformation. Scientists say it’s not doing enough.


Facebook says it’s moving aggressively to counter climate-change misinformation with a Climate Science Information Center that launched Tuesday and aims to connect users with science-based facts.

Facebook is launching a Climate Science Information CenterDistrust from the climate science community grew in September 2019 when the C02 Coalition, which claims that carbon dioxide from humans is beneficial for the planet, succeeded in getting a fact-check removed from a post that Facebook then labeled as “opinion.”
Cox says Facebook roots out misinformation, working with 70 independent fact-checking organizations to identify and reduce the reach of falsehoods about climate change.

“We are very aggressively removing content that could lead folks into harm’s way, and we are surfacing more content that can get them the help and support that they need,” he said. “During any weather-related or disaster-like event, we have teams pay a lot closer attention to what’s going on in those areas to understand what’s happening to the information ecosystem. And that’s just part of the work we do to make sure the platform is providing the right information in times of crisis.”

The Climate Science Information Center began appearing at the top of news feeds Tuesday. It aims to offer authoritative information on climate change internationally and in users’ backyards, plus tips on what users can do to help fight climate change.

An excerpt from https://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2020/09/15/facebook-climate-change-misinformation-disinformation-conspiracy-theories-wildfires/5799418002/